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Bad CGI Gator

Bad CGI Gator (2023)

Brief Nudity

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You gotta give props to a film that knows exactly what it is, and even more when it puts it directly in the title. Coming in at under an hour, this horror comedy has the standard sexy young cast of students, all of whom are spending spring break at a cabin by a lake. At one point, in a weird form of protest against society or technology or whatever, the gang decides to toss their school laptops into the lake. It’s this act of defiance that ends up turning an alligator inhabiting the lake into an awful, computer generated killing machine that wreaks havoc on their drunken vacation plans. Rebecca Stoughton stars as the social media-obsessed Sarah who strikes some sexy yoga poses for her followers, but it’s Sarah Buchanan as the empty-headed Paisley who bares her plump pair before becoming fake gator food. Nice Bu-CAN-ans, Sarah!