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Love Addicts

Love Addicts (2022)

Great Nudity!


Zoé (Malaya Stern Takeda) is a vibrant, young twentysomething photographer living in Hamburg, Germany who is ordered by her boss to join a therapy group for sex and love addicts after ruining a photo shoot at work with her kinky sexcapades. There she meets Nele (Magdalena Laubisch), a romance addict with a penchant for picking the most problematic men, Dennis (Anselm Bresgott), who flees from conflict and can’t remove himself from a toxic relationship, and fellow sex addict, Ben (Dimitri Abold). She’s skeptical at first, but eventually finds real camaraderie within the group as they band together to try to overcome their issues. While the first episode has Malaya’s nudity blurred, she and Magdalena eventually make their nude debuts by baring their breasts in different episodes. Malaya even sneaks in some side cheek during a sex monatage! Anais Meier also flashes her boobs while performing at a club and Isabel Harder Pargana tries to seduce Dimitri with her marvelous mams. We’re going to have to face it, we’re addicted to these Deutschland dolls!