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Deutschland (2015-2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Achtung, baby! The German series Deutschland 83 created an interesting first in television, debuting simultaneously in Germany and America, on the Sundance Channel, with a handful of English-speaking natives delivering their dialogue in German. It's an interesting experiment, and one that pays off handsomely in that it has European values like, you know, plenty of flesh! Set in East Germany during 1983, the height of the Cold War, the series takes a look at the aftermath of a vicious attack on American soldiers guarding a NATO nuclear storage facility and gives us an insider's perspective on yet another nuclear conflict that was just narrowly avoided as Americans lived in blissful ignorance of the upheaval in that region during that time period. Oddly enough, it was more of an international hit than a beloved series in Germany itself, but it was successful enough to continue in Deutschland 86. Taking place three years later, that sequel continued the story of Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay), the East German border guard we watched infiltrate West Germany in the original series. This time around, Martin is in exile living in Angola after having to blow his cover to prevent nukes from blowing up the world. That blows. East Germany's basically crumbling, so all the people he met there have resorted to gross moneymaking schemes, like his dad (Sylvester Groth) who is running illegal human trials on unsuspecting patients, and his aunt (Maria Schrader) who is in South Africa selling weapons to anti-apartheid terrorists. Since he's already in Africa, Martin decides to help out his aunt and we're thrown headfirst into South African politics in our second season. Finally, five years after 83, in 2020 we got Deutschland 89, where Martin finds himself back in Germany just as the Berlin Wall is about to fall. Realizing his past will cause him all sorts of problems in a reunified Germany, he hops back into the world of espionage. One recurring theme in all the Deutschlands is that Martin manages to land some of the hottest chicks every country has to offer. We're happy to report that in Deutschland 83's second episode put all that espionage on the back burner for a good old-fashioned skinny-dipping scene, where the gorgeous Sonja Gerhardt bared her amazing rack and back while romping with some dude! Nikola Kasnter livened up the cast when she took her top off to do some quick shirt changing, while the ravishing redhead Lavinia Wilson added her rack to the mix with a few sex scenes and a bathtub boob shot. Throw in Svenja Jung in her white bra, Inka Lowendorf in her undies, Maria Schrader in a nippy top, and Lisa Tomaschewsky's bare back as she does some riding, and it's not hard to see how Deutschland can lead to a sticky hand!