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Ava (2020)

No Nudity

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Ava (2020) is a super hot action film starring Jessica Chastain, so you know that it kicks ass. She plays a deadly and lethally sexy assassin who works for a very secretive and intense black ops organization. She travels the world taking assignments and bringing down high profile bad guys with her hit jobs. One job, unfortunately, goes wrong and it leaves her in danger. She is left having to fight for her life and go on the run before making it back home in one piece. Tate Taylor directed this absolute thrill ride that is very easy to watch due to its alluring star. Jessica Chastain is the TITular Ava. She does not show her tits off, but she definitely does give us a healthy helping of her cleavage. The redheaded minx looks dynamite in a flimsy red dress that is cut low enough to show off her hooters. That is not the only time that we got to see her cleavage. She bents over in a white T-shirt that was also low cut to show us a peak at her pair. Again, we don't actually see her boobs head-on, but this little look at what her headlights are like inside of her clothes is certainly keeping us wanting more. We also get to watch her workout in tight pants and a crop top (or simply a sports bra?) that shows more cleavage as she bounces around in the gym. Watching Jessica Chastain's cleavage is going to make you work up a sweat.