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Amelia's 25th

Amelia's 25th (2013)

No Nudity


(0:01) Electra Avellan gets out of bed in thong panties. It goes partially out-of-focus quick, but still very visible. Then there’s a quick shot from the front of her putting on pants. (0:03) Electra Avellan is sitting on the couch in her panties. (0:06) Bra visible on David Lewis in an open shirt. (He is transgender.) (0:06) Aerial shot of Electra Avellan sitting on the toilet taking a pregnancy test. (0:37) Natalia Brea in a Wonder Woman costume. (0:44) Cleavage on Margaret Cho (0:47) The scene continues but Margaret Cho shows more angles of cleavage in the dressing room. (0:52) Cleavage on Jennifer Tilly in a long scene as a tarot card reader.