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All That Jazz

All That Jazz (1979)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Director and choreographer Bob Fosse turned in this semi-autobiographical suicide note of a film about the final days of, well, an obsessed, pill-popping, womanizing director and choreographer. Title character Joe Gideon is expertly portrayed by veteran actor Roy Scheider, who literally flirts with death--and who wouldn't when Death is played by Jessica Lange. Along the way we see a young Gideon spew in his pants watching a burlesque act, flirt with his ex-girlfriends, and ogle tons of scantily clad dancers auditioning for his Broadway show. It's quite a sight, made that much more pleasing by sexy Sandahl Bergman, Deborah Geffner, and Sue Paul, who all show off what's beneath their leotards. All That Jazz (1979) makes audiences release all that jizz.