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Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode (2019)

Brief Nudity

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The pitch meeting for this movie probably sounded like the opening of a joke... What do you get when you put 23 of the world's biggest YouTube personalities on a plane and then put them in a situation where the pilots die???  Well, it turns out the popularity of 23 of YouTube's biggest personalities is enough to get that movie greenlit, produced, and distributed without even needing a punchline.  Did you say Logan Paul, Lele Pons, Brittany Furlan, Amanda Cerny, and Tessa Netting?  Say no more and make that damn movie already!  So to set up the premise, pretty much any social media influencer in this one plays themselves on the way to a social media convention in Australia.  When each of them overloads the plane's electronics by not going on Airplane Mode after take off because they would all lose followers, they not only destroy and fry the plane's systems, they accidentally kill both pilots!  In this situation, it could very well end up being the person on the plane with the most likes who ends up saving the day and writer/producer Logan Paul is just the hero this plane deserves as he is forced to get over his fear of flying, stick up and take the stick and hopefully land this jumbo jet.  At least for the sake of YouTube's future, he needs to get this jet back on the tarmac so that they can update their stories!  This flick is about as tongue-in-cheek as it comes with every single one of these internet stars laughing at themselves and each other.  Most of them get a bit scantily clad along the way, but the only nude scene comes from Lauren York, but we suspect she uses a body double!