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Adaptation (2002)

Brief Nudity

Charlie Kaufman is the go-to guy in Tinseltown for those head-scratching screenplays that offer the little head a tug or two also. Adaptation (2002) is the supposedly true story of his life while adapting a literary nonfiction book about orchids for the big screen. Nicolas Cage plays the svelte, curly-haired family man as a chubby, balding, neurotic single, which is the first indication of poetic license. The addition of a twin brother seals the deal, but it’s not just truth that’s being bent here. Thanks to Judy Greer, as a fantasy love interest who bares her perfectly pert pair, viewers will find their love muscles twisted as well as their minds. Meryl Streep, as the author of the book being adapted, even gets into the fun of things and posts her topless image online. But it’s an obvious fake. Shouldn’t this method actor delve wholeheartedly into her role?

Judy Greer

Nude - as Alice the Waitress

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Meryl Streep

Nude - Body Double - as Susan Orlean

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