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31 (2016)

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31 (2016), written and directed by Rob Zombie, is, in Rob Zombie's own words, the most Rob Zombie film ever made. That's saying a lot, considering the king of horror has created some of the most twisted, gruesome films around. We can always count of his ingenuity for a bloodbath punctuated by plenty of nudity, and in that regard, 31 certainly doesn't disappoint.

The onslaught begins with Richard Brake (the Night's King from Game of Thrones) takes a page out of the Joker's book as a charismatic but psychopathic sadistic clown named Doom-head who takes the odd job at the request of satanic, wigged clown Father Murder, played by none other than Malcolm McDowell. Father Murder and his other Victorian-dressed comrades run Murderworld, where they make massive bets on a game called 31. The rules of the game are simple: Their clown assassins kidnap a group of people on Halloween, bring them back to Murderworld, and torture and pick them off one by own. If any civilians are alive at the end of the night, they can go home. The only problem? No one has ever survived this little satanic sacrifice ritual. 

On this particular Halloween, five carnival workers are murdered - and they might be able to give these guys as run for their money. Either way, several women dress down for the event - Megan Albertus, Sandra Rosko, and Kara Gibson play naked Murder Lounge babes, two of which go totally full frontal, while Ginger Lynn Allen shows boobs during sex with Doom-head before the bloodbath begins. Devin Sidell is topless during a bloody scene, and carnie Andre Dora bares boobs and butt in the traveling camper. It'll only take you 31 seconds to finish during this skinfest!