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14 Days with Victor

14 Days with Victor (2010)

Brief Nudity

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A naïve and listless Spanish teenager falls in with a decadent duo of artists in 14 Days with Victor (2010). Victor (Fernando Tielve) has come to London looking for excitement, and he finds it in the form of mysterious artist Martin (Joe Dixon). Martin has reached a low point in his career as a painter, and wants to try a new and radical form of performance art that explores “the sublimation of the soul through suffering". Ana (Margo Stilley), Martin’s on-again, off-again lover whose father is dying of a long and painful illness, joins the experiment with baggage of her own. The convergence of these three tortured souls creates a perfect storm of crazy, and none of them know just how far it will go.

Margo Stilley, skinfamous for her daring scenes of real sex in 9 Songs, first appears in the film as a bare-breasted image on a computer screen. When she does appear in the flesh, still topless, her waifish beauty and intense personality have Victor (and the audience) spellbound. You’ll need at least 14 minutes with Margo!