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Sister of Mine (2017)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Pedro Aguilera
  • Theatrical Release: 01/29/2017
  • Country: Colombia, Spain
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(0:08) Susana Gil is in the shower. See shoulders and bare back. Meanwhile a guy looks at porn on his computer including that of Ivana Baquero whosebuns and left sideboob we see.
(0:27) Sister in her bra and thong panties being watched on a laptop cam.  Then in her bra and jean shorts. Then an open robe in bra and panties.
(0:37) Bra and panties on Ivana Baquero in her room. It’s a little dark to see her bra. This scene goes on for nearly five minutes as she talks on the phone.
(0:45) On a small video camera scene we see a WOMAN tied up in her panties on the lawn rolling around.
(0:50) Ivana Baquero in a bikini top outside with Lucía Guerrero also in her bikini top.
(0:55) Ivana Baquero in her bra nad panties being picked up into the arms of a guy on the laptop spy camera.
(0:58) A frame-by-frame replay of Ivana Baquero getting into bed in her bra and panties. Then we see the earlier porn footage showing Ivana Baquero’s buns and left sideboob while being screwed from behind.
(1:11) Great left peekdown cleavage on Elisabet Gelabert bending over and doing some gardening
(1:21) Lucía Guerrero in her panties putting her shorts back on.
(1:25) On the spy cam we see Ivana Baquero in her bra sitting down cutting downthing off camera.
(1:30) A clip from Cannibal Holocause is being watched where WOMAN is dragged through the mud with her breasts visible.


Ivana Baquero

Nude - as Aurorabikini, butt, underwear

Lucía Guerrero

Sexy - as Nataliabikini, underwear

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