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Wilde Engel

Wilde Engel

Brief Nudity


Wilde Engel (2003-2005) also known as 3 Wild Angels was a limited series that you might consider to be Germany’s answer to Charlie’s Angels. The show followed three hot girls who each had their own special talents as they were sent on dangerous missions. This light hearted crime comedy lasted two seasons and gave us a very up close and personal look at one of its stars.

Blonde beauty Eva Habermann played Lena, part of the elite, ass-kicking trio, but it is her perky pair that will get your attention in a couple of episodes. During one episode she strips down to just her bra and panties, bending over and showing off some serious cleavage. This angel will have you going wild on your man zone as she slithers out of those tight jeans. In a different episode she seduces a guy who takes off her top and frees her perk PT boats. We mostly get a side view of those lovely snuggle pups, but they look so good you will be ready to spill every ounce of secrets you have all over her!