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Shaka Zulu (1986)

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Back in 1986, the South African Broadcasting Network dug deep into their nation's history to craft a miniseries called Shaka Zulu (1986). Shot in South Africa in the real Zululand, with a cast of predominately actual ethnically Zulu people, the series depicted the life and times of King Shaka (Henry Cele), who somewhat brutally united the tribes of his African region to make a cohesive country. Using his famed "buffalo horns" flanking formation and his tribe's unique iklwa spear, over ten nearly an hour long episodes we watch as Shaka creates a warrior class so powerful they were still able to take on gun wielding Great Britain decades after his death. There's all sorts of controversy surrounding the accuracy of the series and the way it treats Shaka as being a bit of a bloodthirsty tyrant who was turned on and murdered by his own people, which isn't shocking considering it was shot during South African apartheid and funded largely by the government of South Africa. But what's really weird is how much the miniseries caught on in the USA. Sure, it was star studded with Christopher Lee playing England's Lord Bathurst, but this miniseries that first aired on Fox would go on to be shown nearly every year around Thanksgiving time. We can't imagine the ratings it would've done if it was on a channel that let us see it uncensored, since Shaka had more tits than you could shake a stick at! Tu Nokwe showed her tatas to the Europeans as they did some trading. She gives them a drink, and they show her a mirror. But after seeing Tu's tits, you know what those Brits really wanted to trade was bodily fluids! The very doable Dudu Mkhize portrayed Shaka's mother Nandi, and her MILFy black bod is certainly a dandy. We see her boobs and buns as she does all sorts of tribal activities, including helping stoke a fire. Dudu's body's the shit! How'd Shaka Zulu do all that conquering with all those cans to stare at all day?