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Wet Sand

Wet Sand (2021)

Brief Nudity

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Wet Sand is a harrowing LGBTQ drama set in the country of Georgia. The movie sheds a light on the prejudices gay people still face in much of the world, but it isn't all doom and gloom here. The lovely actress Bebe Sesitashvili goes nude, and even serves up some lesbian action. But before we get to that, we need to see what this Wet Sand is all about! A close-knit coastal town in Georgia is abuzz with the news that an elder villager named Eliko is found dead, hanging. His liberal big-city granddaughter Moe (Bebe) must come to the small village that she left behind all those years ago in order to collect Eliko's belongings. But she uncovers a secret while in town that brings Moe face to face with the realities of small-town homophobia. Moe discovers that the local barkeep Amnon and her grandfather were gay lovers. In addition to this, Amnon's waitress Fleshka gets the hots for Moe, and they share a lesbian moment together. The violent, threatening townpeople close in on Moe, Amnon, and Fleshka once the secret is out. Wet Sand is a reminder of how far we've come in America, and how easy it is to slip into the past. But let's forget about all of that for a second and celebrate the beauty that is Bebe Sesitashvili! She goes skinny dipping, and we can see her sweet side boob and her butt. Plus, Bebe Sesitashvili dares to explore her attraction to Fleshka (Megi Kobaladze). That sand isn't the only thing that's wet!