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Wanderlust (2012)

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An uptight Manhattan couple re-examine their lives after landing in a free-love commune in the comedy Wanderlust (2011). Written and directed by some of the same people behind Wet Hot American Summer (2001), former Camp Firewood alumni Paul Rudd plays George, who alongside his wife Linda (Jennifer Aniston) is living the New York yuppie dream until he suddenly loses his job, and HBO says they'd rather air decades old Real Sex reruns than her documentary. Unable to afford their exorbitant rent, the couple heads to live with family in Georgia, but an unplanned detour lands them in “Elysium”, an anything-goes alternative community. As the clean cut couple start to see the virtues of a more laid-back lifestyle, they must decide if they want to return to their stressful former lives or become full commune members. But trouble arises when the commune's embrace of "no sexual boundaries" leads Eva (Malin Ackerman) to make a play for George, while Seth (Justin Theroux) has his eyes on Linda. Combined with a casino looking to take the land Elysium rests on, and life without society's rules suddenly becomes a lot more complicated than anyone could imagine. Jennifer Aniston's much-hyped nude scene was cut from the final edit of the film, with her  MAM-istons cruelly pixelated in a topless protest scene. Instead, real nudity is left to Kerri Kinney and Malin Akerman, who bare boob in a deleted threesome scene, and a cast of supporting hippie honeys who go au natural for a full-frontal MAMonstration. That'll get you lusting as your mind wanders to handling a hairy hippy chick by the hips! While it may be a disappointment if you thought Jen's jugs were going to show up, thanks to a few lovely free lovers flashing their funbags, Wanderlust isn't a total wander-bust.