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Video Violence 2

Video Violence 2 (1988)

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What do you do when renting Video Violence ...When Renting Is Not Enough (1987) is not enough for you? Rent Video Violence 2 (1988)! The camcorder-wielding killers from the first cinematic masterwork are back with a splash, hosting their own pirate TV show. It's a stroke of genius on the part of the jokesters behind the Video Violence empire, because the first film, shot on video, looked a wee bit like something you'd see on cable-access-channel 933. This time around, though, nearly every bit of Video Violence you see is supposed to be TV, courtesy of The Howard and Eli Show. Those damn murdering scamps just can't stop documenting every last thing they do! And now their fans are into it too, sending in homemade snuff and cleverly executed executions. In between the stabbings and bludgeonings, Howard and Eli, capitalists to the core, air rinky-dink commercials. It's well-done gore and ridiculous black humor—there's even a retired sheriff kidnapping and electrocuting victims out of bitterness for never having seen an execution on the job.