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Very Good Girls

Very Good Girls (2013)

Brief Nudity

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Two New York City girls' friendship is tested for the first time in the Sundance drama from Maggie and Jake's mom Naomi Foner GylenhaalVery Good Girls (2013). Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen star as Lilly and Gerry, big apple based best friends who make a pact to lose their virginities during their first summer out of high school. Unfortunately, they don't opt to do the deed with each other. Missed opportunity! Instead, they both fall for the same rakish street artist (Boyd Holbrook) who sells ice cream at the beach. But while this should result in some best friend bonding via a terrific, dual cherry popping threesome, instead it causes all sorts of complications. Gerry starts dating him, while Lily secretly pines for him, and considers banging her ultra-horny boat tour boss to make him jealous. With their summer of deflowering suddenly souring, will their friendship survive the jealousy? Chicks before dicks, ladies! We don't have to wait very long for these Good Girls to go bad, as a mere two minutes in Elizabeth runs naked across a crowded beach while yelling for Dakota to join her. Too bad the nudity from both ladies belongs to body doubles. Oh well, whoever those girls are, they've got nice asses! The closest thing we get to seeing Dakota and Liz's real bods is when they strip down to their undies to do a little dancing. We wish the dancing was dirtier, but these are good girls after all! There's no good nudity, but there are some very good looking girls in Very Good Girls