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Versailles (2015-2018)

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It's not just a treaty, it's a treat for your eyes! Yes, the French television series Versailles debuted to rave reviews in the Fall of 2015, and it's no wonder why. This opulent look inside the famed palace during the reign of Louis XIV (George Blagden) is both gorgeous to look at, and a whole lot of smutty fun! Although it is filmed in France with French actors, the series is shot in English, which caused some controversy in its native land, but certainly helped make the show more accessible to non-French speaking audiences. Plus there's a ton of titties, so the show's creators were really speaking our language! It's 1667 and Louis XIV (George Blagden) has decided to move the French court twelve miles West of Paris to his dad's old hunting lodge, which will become the infamous Palace of Versailles. But as Louis builds his enormous palace and the French empire in general, he's surrounded by a bunch of nobles who aren't all that excited to have to trek out to the burbs in support of a dude they can't stand. With his dad and mom dead, and his Spanish wife Maria-Therese (Elisa Lasowski) not a huge fan of his, all Louis can rely on are his wits, instincts, and super gay, super flamboyant, but super smart brother Phillipe (Alexander Vlahos). While all the characters speaking English certainly helped, what really made Versailles accessible was the copious amounts of nudity! The series opens with Alexia Giordano doffing her duds and revealing her rack while riding the king! What a sight for sore Versailles! There are also two sex scenes between Louis and Noemie Schmidt later in the episode, featuring plenty of looks at her fun bags and fanny, including a shot where he goes down on her while she's standing up! That should definitely tickle your croissant! Add to that Hannah Arterton going tits out as she holds a knife to a man's throat, constant nakedness from Anna Brewster, Maddison Jaizani letting a chambermaid play with her baby chamber, Valerie Thoumire dropping her robe and showing a super young Louis everything she's got, and even Frank Langella feeling up Jessica Hinds' ass, and you'll understand why they were willing to make this one France's most expensive TV show ever filmed. Is it historically correct that every lady at Versailles was a smoking hot seductress more than willing to open their thighs? Who cares? I am the nation! So find the station, and enjoy copious masturbation, thanks to Versailles