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With her tousled mane of tight, dark ringlets; a wide mouth that is sensual, sugar-lipped, and usually puckered and slightly open as if inviting tongue kissing; a gaze open to receiving and sending bold erotic challenges; sturdy, shapely legs culminating in a hard, round rump; and a shadowy, steamy wedge of cleavage sufficiently deep to absorb all a man’s hopes and tribulations, Valarie Rae Miller is a black woman for all colors. From the moment this enchanting vision of burnished radiance appeared as host on a Disney-produced Saturday-morning cartoon show, tuned-in daddies prayed that more-revealing things were coming for Valarie. God said yes, and mouth-watering Miller hit the high time as "Original Cindy" on the Fox fox fest Dark Angel. As a bonus, Original Cindy likes to suck girl face.

Top Scenes

Dark Angel (2000-2001) Sexy While posing as a hooker, Valarie is all kinds of hot in a sexy, skimpy dress that, well, makes her look like a hooker! (29 secs)
Dark Angel (2000-2001) Sexy Cleavage leaning over pool table. Nice front pocket! (20 secs)

TV Shows

Gladiators 2000 - as Host

Peer Pressure - as Co-Host

One Saturday Morning - as Meme the Host

Dark Angel (2000-2001) - as Original Cindy

Reaper (2009) - as Josie

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