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Turkey Carvers (Chicks Nude with Knives)


She can bring home the bacon and cut it up into strips and never, never, never let you forget you're a man. She's a woman with a knife in her hands. There's a whole lot of sexing going on with Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992), with great views of her bouncing ass and pert tits, as she ties her man up to the bed, fucks him and then kills him. What a way to go. Don't mess with Rosario Dawson in Alexander (2004), who is stripped naked, but for the big knife that she holds at her aggressor's neck. Rachel Shelley in The L Word (2004) drops the soap in the prison shower with a bunch of nakedly aggressive and knife-wielding ladies. Would you get fucked by Laetitia Casta in Tied (2013) if she held a knife at your throat? Yes. Beware of naked girls in the steam room bearing knifes, luckily Bo Derek in Bolero (1984) is just bearing skin. Moeko Ezawa in Vengeance Is Mine (1979) is worth the threat of having your dick cut off, what with that banging body. The jugs are nice, but Ashley Judd in Normal Life (1996) needs to cut out the self-mutilation. Three Bs and a knife from Ruby Larocca in Flesh for the Beast (2003). Shelley Michelle in Hexed (1993) needs to take knife stabbing lessons, though her man in bed is happy for her poor aim, and a glimpse of her fine ass. Maria Ford in The Haunting of Morella (1990) is hauntingly naked. Man, if you got to go, go with Lisa Comshaw in Portrait in Red (1995) riding you to the little death followed by the big death with a knife. Nun is more beautiful than Cecilia Pezet in Satánico pandemonium (1975), but then she gets stabbing. These girls are most cutting.


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