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True Lies

True Lies (1994)

No Nudity


Working in espionage is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, an undercover operative is given license to lie to anybody he wants, for the good of the country, of course. On the other hand, demands of the job dictate that the operative never tell the truth of who he is or what he does to anyone. Friends, wife, girlfriend, all of them are led to believe that the government-sanctioned killer is simply a dull computer software salesman. This would seem to be an ideal situation for a husband who wants privacy and a separate life from the mundane chores of mate and family, but eventually the True Lies (1994) will catch up with him. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars reteams with James Cameron for this action flick that was actually a remake of a French movie. He plays Harry Tasker, the fake salesman who's actually a secret agent working in counterterrorism. He suspects his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) is cheating on him, and uses his spy background to kidnap and interrogate the suspected dude (Bill Paxton) about it. Eventually he comes clean to Helen, but rather than drive the two apart it brings them closer together, and soon enough she's joining him in bringing down a terrorist gang that's gotten ahold of some nuclear weapons. There's no true toplessness, but there are some sexy scenes in this movie that became an unsuccessful, Arnie and Jamie Lee free, TV show. Tia Carrere's cleavage is always a welcome sight when she wears some tight dresses, even if it's not the Tia and A, we were hoping for. But the most famous scene in the whole movie is Jamie Lee's striptease. Often ranked quite high on lists of the sexiest scenes to not feature nudity, Jamie's being held hostage by her hubby and forced to strip for his viewing pleasure. She gets down to a bra and thong, looking absurdly toned as she uses a bed post as a stripper's pole and soon enough we're slinging true goo thinking about getting between those thighs. No lies. Keep your Bond girls, we'll spend our time bonding with the lovely housewife with a tight ass like Arnie did in True Lies!