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Tricked (2012)

Great Nudity!

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If you think Molly Ringwald’s character Sam Baker was having an unfortunate birthday in the American comedy Sixteen Candles (1984), that’s nothing compared to the milestone mayhem Remco Albrecht (Peter Blok) experiences in Tricked (2012). Not to be confused with the sex trafficking documentary Tricked (2013), Paul Verhoeven’s Dutch drama follows a dude whose life goes to hell on his 50th birthday. Everything should be going great for Remco. In fact, his wife (Ricky Koole) is throwing him a party. But his career is thrown into turmoil when he discovers his business partners are plotting behind his back to cut him out of the profits. If that’s not bad enough, Remco’s mistress Merel (Gaite Jansen) shows up to his party and announces that she is pregnant. Oh baby! Luckily for us, we get to see Ms. Jansen showing off her skinsational shimmies. In one scene, the sexy brunette bares her breasts while in bed with her man. No wonder this Netherlands story will have you reaching for your nether regions! Later, gorgeous Gaite pulls down her bra to flash her rack for a camera. Say cheese! Also known as Steekspel, this 50-minute movie may be short in length yet it’s long on actresses. Check out Carolien Spoor, Sallie Harmsen, Anita Ludolphie, and Celia van den Boogert. With such a comely cast, Tricked will have you flicking your prick. Even though this foreign film hasn’t been seen by many Yanks, it has what it takes to merit a huge release in your jeans!