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To the Lake

To the Lake (2019)

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The Russians have gone from hacking our elections to taking over Netflix with the addictive series To the Lake, which first aired in 2019! Filmed and released ahead of the COVID-19 crisis that gripped the world in 2020, the series follows the transmission of a deadly virus that turns the city of Moscow into a zombie-ridden graveyard. A group of uninfected people fight for survival in a world with no power, nothing of monetary value, and where food and fuel are increasingly limited resources. The show's central character Sergey (Kirill Käro) lives safely with his wife and her son outside the city limits, where the infection hasn't spread. However, when Sergey gets a panicked call from his ex-wife who is still living in Moscow with their son, he must venture into the city and save his child along with the woman he used to love who now hates his guts! Although he reaches them, his journey is not without its losses, and he must now convince this woman to fight her way out of the city with him to get their son to safety! The show is super-addictive and is spreading across the US like, dare I say it, a virus! There's also some skin to get you safely through your journey into the first season! There's terrific T&A from Viktoriya Isakova, phenomenal full frontal from Victoria Agalakova, and topless treats from both Natalya Zemstova and Maryana Spivak! To the Lake is sure to get your worm wriggling!