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The Method

The Method (2015)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The creators of Netflix's Russian crime drama The Method vehemently deny that it's a thinly veiled adaptation of Dexter, and claim if anything, it's more similar to True Detective. Either way, it's not earth shatteringly original, but doesn't have to be when there's so much skin. Konstantin Khabensky is Rodion Meglin, a Russian detective who likes to track down and kill the crooks he knows are guilty but manage to squeak past the criminal justice system. He inherits a mentor when Esenya Steklova (Paulina Andreeva) approves of his methods and wants to be just like him, largely because her mom was murdered and nobody seems to know anything about who did it. Together, the two of them team up to solve the unsolvable works of serial killers, and take out any bad guys who think they're going to get away. The best method to get Mr. Skin to watch something with subtitles is to stack it with stacked chicks. And since Russia's rolling in them, there are plenty in this one! The muscular mama Karina Zvereva shocks an entire room of people when she walks in, stands up on a desk and drops her coat, showing off her fully nude body. Everyone is shocked (and happy) as she flashes her fit body, great tits and shaved beaver. It’s a full frontal that nobody can take their eyes off of! Not to be outdone, Paulina Andreeva might not show off the beava, but she does look gorgeous flashing T&A as she lies back and lets a dude do her after he smokes out of a hookah. Smoking the hookah before banging a smokeshow? That guy is living the life! Mr. Skin would love to do some method acting trying out that role in The Method!