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In 1995, comedian Chris Farley’s time as arguably one of the best cast members on Saturday Night Live (Entertainment Weekly has him ranked as number 11 of all time) was coming to a close so that his film career could really begin with his first lead role in the comedy Tommy Boy, where he played the inept son of an auto-parts tycoon trying to save the family business. After almost thirty years and Farley’s career being cut short by his tragic death, Shane Gillis, who was fired from SNL right after joining the cast due to racist comments made on a podcast, has stolen the spotlight not only by getting to host the long-running sketch show but also starring in a very Tommy Boy-meets-The Office-esque series on Netflix. Only Shane isn’t even the main character, that honor goes to Steve Gerben’s Will, who has taken over his dad’s chain of auto parts stores despite his inexperience. Shane plays the bullying cousin who’s seemingly doing everything in his power to make Will’s attempts to prove himself to his dad that much harder, until it finally sinks in that helping Will keep the business afloat means he stays employed too. In episode five, the duo decides to hire a bunch of bikini-clad babes for a sexy carwash in order to drum up business, and while the many racist and misogynistic comments uttered in “character” may be a turn-off, you won’t tire of watching Emely Cartagena, Kerryn Feehan, and more get to work!