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The Undoing

The Undoing (2020)

Great Nudity!

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The Undoing (2020) is a psychological mini-series starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Fraser who is a successful New York City therapist who has a good life that includes being married to Hugh Grant (not the real Hugh Grant, but his character) and having a son in one of the very best private schools in the entire city. All of this changes when her husband goes missing after the brutal murder of a local woman which her husband was very likely responsible for. Now she has to rebuild her life and worry about her son while preparing to fight in court and reckon with the truth behind what actually happened and who her husband actually is. Nicole is a strong, beautiful woman who is without a doubt why she is in this heavy role. She has one very sexy sneak at her pokies when she wears a practically shear peach robe. Her nipples are poking out very hard in this sexy scene that just shows her walking through her bedroom! In another scene, she has a kiss with Matilda De Angelis who is really our main sexpot to devour in this mini-series. This babe shows massive cleavage in a gorgeous low-cut dress and incredible full frontal nudity in a locker room scene where she approaches a clothed Nicole. Matilda De Angelis's character might have just had a baby - which explains those huge milktastic mams -  but her body is super tight and athletic. We even get a very well-lit look at her hot beaver! We love when Matilda gets to Undoing her clothes!