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The Survivalist

The Survivalist (2015)

Great Nudity!

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Great Britain’s post-apocalyptic thriller The Survivalist (2015)  not to be confused with the American post-apocalyptic thriller The Survivalist (2021)  is a thrill. Not because of its science fiction elements, but because of its female flesh! But we digress. Stephen Fingleton’s gritty film provides a provocative perspective of the future. The haunting story starts with the titular character (Martin McCannforaging food on a small plot of land in the woods while starvation abounds outside. On his limited landscape, he exists by himself until two women show up. One is an older lady named Kathryn (Olwen Fouéré) and the other is her twenty-something daughter Milja (Mia Goth). The latter offers up some sex in exchange for food and shelter. As expected, the lonely survivalist obliges. Their skintastic act means we get to see Mia’s bare breasts. Later, their love begins to bloom. The only problem is Kathryn is plotting to take over the land and put an end to the dude. Yet he gets the last laugh when she dies instead. As she is buried in a shallow grave, her full frontal nudity is displayed. There’s more flesh to view thanks to another shot of Ms. Goth’s nude boobs in bed. Additional images of her anatomy, however, are not as sexy. In one scene, she bares her bush while giving herself an abortion. In another, she flashes her ass while washing up after. Still, if the world ends with a naked babe in the forest, we’re kind of okay with that.