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The Shock of the Future

The Shock of the Future (2019)

No Nudity

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The Shock of the Future is a tasty little ode to the female pioneers of electronic music starts us off in 1978 France when a young woman named Ana (Alma Jodorowsky) discovers a way to make music that finally speaks to her.  Within a 24 hour period this foxy composer must break out her best synth breakbeats and arpeggiator loops to land some notoriety in a Paris of yesteryear that is dominated by terrible disco and record producer dicks that only want her for her looks!  It seemingly looks like no one is believing in this new fangled style of production that involved a reel to reel, a wall of synthesizers that are impossibly interconnected with cables, and her tiny studio apartment that she throws herself around in before heading out to a party to try and convince the patriarch of Parisian record companies that she's the LEGIT future of music!  With a stunning performance from visionary music maker granddaughter of the visionary weirdo Alejandro Jodorowsky, Alma Jodorosky (lead singer of real life band Burning Peacocks), this tight 79 minute long flick is a sweet ode to the opening stages of the music that now dominates pretty much every club you've ever set foot in over the last 25 years!  Also, it wouldn't be a on Skin if there wasn't some skin and Alma doesn't disappoint with some white cotton panty aerobics over the opening credits that'll make you want to rewind and remember the good old days of high leg kick style stretches, except set that to a kick ass soundtrack!