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The Pool Boys

The Pool Boys (2009)

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A crew of losers open a home for ladies of the night in the broish comedy The Pool Boys (2009). When recent high-school graduate Alex Sperling (Brett Davern) loses his Harvard scholarship, he gets a job cleaning pools with his scuzzball cousin Roger (Matthew Lillard) and Roger's pal Hector (Efren Ramirez). But fighting algae and trying to balance Ph levels isn't much fun, and despite the Harvard kid thinking he can transform the biz, doesn't pay a whole heck of a lot. So when the threesome is entrusted with the keys to a gigantic mansion for the summer, what do they do? Sure, they clean the pool every now and again. But they also invite a bunch of hookers to come live there with them! The impromptu brothel is going swimmingly, and Alex, Roger, and Hector are planning the ultimate party to celebrate...until the mansion’s owners come home early. Breaststroke, backstroke, you'll be stroking it to the hotties in this one. Darla Haun, Rachelle LaFevre, Patricia De Leon and Heather Marie Marsden get sexy in string bikinis that'll have you hosing yourself down, but that’s just amateur hour. For the breast nudity, turn to the pros: Simona Fusco, who bares T&A in two separate scenes, AJ Alexander, who shows snookers as a deaf escort whose signs aren't hard to interpret, Jennifer Walcott, who swims topless with a dude carrying her on his shoulders, and Janie Habeck and Monica Leigh, who practice sexual healing as a pair of topless nurses. Wanna go for a dip? Of course you do! We don't even own a pool, so why do our socks smell like chlorine after watching The Pool Boys?