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The Plant

The Plant (1995)

Great Nudity!


A live-television gardening show filmed from gardens in suburban London soils when corpses begin to sprout up from the earth in The Plant (1995). It gets better: an alien masquerading as a neighborhood man has an affair with a biology researcher heading the television program as a pair of bumbling bobbies try to Mulder and Scully their way to digging up clues. 

Dane Joanna Roth plays Connie, the gardening show’s researcher, and what we’d give to see that bush! No such luck, though. But that’s OK, because Joanna’s more than happy to blossom her chest bulbs for us and put them on display, more than once. There’s titty with a kitty at the windowsill; contemplative cans as Joanna stares at the ceiling in bed; and then her her chest cakes and pepperonis as she searches for a late-night snatch, er, snack, in the fridge. Oh, and don’t forget about the trail of tush she leaves as she climbs the stairs. Forget about plants and horticulture whodunits, you’ll be left with a Joanna banana after this flick!