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The Outing (1987) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:06:36 Some phenomenal full nudity from Damon as her tub time turns to terror when a cobra tries to get in on the action! (55 secs)
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Oh mercy! The unmatched Damon Merrill has a naked body so sinful it should be evil! But who's the chick behind the three Bs? All we can tell you is Merrill went on her merry way after appearing in just one film. That would be The Outing (1987) as "Babs." The cheesy horror film deals with an evil genie released from a lamp who kills various dickheads and later possesses a museum curator's daughter and kills some more. Merrill grants our wishes when she gives her only contribution to cinema by displaying her awesome butt, boobs and bush while bathing in the tub. If Oscars were based on physical talents, Merrill is the Meryl Streep of nudity! Of course to truly be held in as much esteem as someone like Streep, Damon would have needed to get far more prolific in her acting (and skin-ful) proclivities. Nonetheless, Skin Central is well-documented in having an obsession with sexy specimens like Damon who only star in one skin-tastic piece. We can only hope that over the course of time some obscure fan of Damon will conduct a skin-vestigation and find some more 3 B treasures from her. There's always a possibility that Merrill was appearing naked in all kinds of underground movies outside of the view of the typical filmgoing audience. Whatever the case, Mr. Skin is grateful for the one piece of masturbation fuel Damon was kind enough to give us. We're now convinced that Merrill can make any man feral with lust!