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The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid (1984)

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The Karate Kid (1984) is a total classic and it is the 80s movie that inspired thousands of kids to beg their parents to sign them up for karate classes. Are all of those kids black belts? Probably not, but this film starring Ralph Macchio as a bullied teen who has had enough of getting pushed around at school was still an inspiration. He decides to learn how to defend himself and to strike fear in his bullies so he seeks the help of a karate master played by Pat Morita. You might remember that this movie is pretty family-friendly, so you are likely wondering why it is on Mr. Skin. We have two words for you: Elisabeth Shue. Remember her? Elisabeth Shue plays Ali Mills and she gets pretty skinsational in two separate scenes. In one scene, she hangs out at the beach in a one-piece swimsuit that graces her fit figure. Check out her long legs. She shows her pokies in a gorgeous white dress that hugs her curves and then flows off to the ground when it hits her hips. She looks like an angel floating into the room and her nipples appear to be leading the way. Which way is she headed? Wherever those nips are pointing! Her nipples are practically a compass in this scene. If only we could karate chop our way into that dress to see what her body looks like underneath her clothes. This scene will make you wax on and wack off!