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The Insatiable

The Insatiable (2006)

No Nudity

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Namby-pamby Sean Patrick Flanery sees beauteous bloodsucker Charlotte Ayanna snacking on a bum and falls instantly in love in The Insatiable (2006), a vampire flick in a comedic vein. Office cog Sean is the belittled little guy at a metalworks company, has no love life, and spends all his time on the computer or in the convenience store. One slow night at his favorite haunt, he spies Charlotte letting blood in the street. Char spots Sean and rips off her dinner's head, then disappears into the night. Naturally no one believes his tale—not the cops, not his colleagues, not the jerk who rags on him at work. But Sean knows his eyes weren't deceiving him. Obsessed, he goes back to the scene of the crime and has a vision of Char slurping on the neck of the convenience-store clerk. Then, wouldn't you know it, his vision comes true! Determined to get his hands on the vexatious vamp before she comes for his blood, Sean hatches a plan to lure her to his place . . . and into his pants!