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The Hot Spot

The Hot Spot (1990)

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The breasts of Jennifer Connelly. The breasts of Debrah Cole. The breasts and more of Virginia Madsen. And, as a bonus, the bare ass of Don Johnson. All this in one movie -- and it's directed by Dennis Hopper! The name of this skintastic confection is The Hot Spot (1990), a twisty, Southern-set piece with the tag line "Film noir like you've never seen." Harry (Donny boy) is a drifter who settles in a small town in Texas (the flick was actually filmed in the great state, over a two-month period). There's bank-robbing schemes and car dealerships and some other semi-distracting plots. The good stuff, though, comes in the form of Dolly (Virginia), who blackmails Harry into having an affair. Poor Harry, though, is in love with Gloria (Jennifer), who is herself being blackmailed, along with her friend Irene (Debra). It seems the two female friends were caught in a few compromising positions, including one on a beach where both are sunbathing nude, giving us a very long, very in-focus look at Jen's very voluptuous breasts, as well as Deb's smaller but equally perky pair. While the flick didn't win any awards, it does have the pleasure and privilege of being the skinematic debut of the delicious Ms. Connelly, who bares her breasts while sunbathing, but leaves the backburger and butt to a body double! And there's also a scene where Virginia rolls down a sloped hill in nothing but a silk robe, then hitches said robe out of the way to climb back up said hill, though the nudity there is courtesy of body double Heather Cruikshank! Mr. Skin would like to profusely thank the wardrobe intern who lost the tie to that robe.