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The Good Girl

The Good Girl (2002)

Brief Nudity

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Mega-rich, ultra-popular Hollywood superstars can support the struggling artistic community by taking a leading role in a small independent film, securing financing and an audience for the picture — not to mention, the celebrity in question gains acting credibility. Familiar the world over for her playing Rachel Green on the small screen staple Friends (1994-2004), the sultry and slinky Jennifer Aniston made the move to the big screen when she signed on to play the titular role in the indie flick The Good Girl (2002). The R rated dramedy includes Jake Gyllenhaal, John C. Reilly, Zooey Deschanel, Deborah Rush, Aimee Garcia, and Ms. Aniston’s smooth skin! Make sure you’re holding the remote when Jen’s character Justine Last has sex with Thomas “Holden” Worther (Gyllenhaal) because she quickly bares her breast. But the sight is fast so you’ll either have to press slow motion or freeze frame to savor her naked chest. Yes, in addition to loaning out her fame to this pic, the sexy starlet offers up her talent as well as a bit of her nip! No wonder the movie was a pleaser. Perhaps that’s why Jennifer’s perky portrayal paid off with wins from the Teen Choice Awards and the Hollywood Film Awards. LA Weekly noted, it’s “especially gratifying to see [Aniston] play a woman who’s had it up to here with making nice, and making do.” It’s also especially gratifying to see her making love. As Jen and Jake go at it, they put the motion into this motion picture!