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The Dark Side of Our Inner Space

The Dark Side of Our Inner Space (2003)

Great Nudity!


Five friends—Tanja, Jessie, Anna, Marcus, and Kai—all hear about a liberating game that will be held on a military base. They apply for the game and are accepted, noting that the game promises no rules like the implanted social doctrines of right and wrong that they’ve grown used to in the outside world. As they begin to play, each character moves further and further into themselves and discovers that the true horror of the world doesn’t exist on the outside surface, but rather within. Soon they begin to lose a sense of boundaries and get lost in their own heads, in the process learning the hard way what life is all about.

Marina Anna Eich plays the blonde Jessie. A couple of times she bolsters her bare boobs for us. In one particular scene, she’s fully nude, but the darkness and her long hair obscure any full fledged nudity. There are still a few tit slips and a good portion of leg. Wouldn’t mind getting in the darker parts of her inner space.