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The Concubine

The Concubine (2012)

Brief Nudity

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A Korean girl has only one way to escape a life of abject poverty, and that's to become The Concubine (2012). Yeo-Jeong Jo stars as Hwa-Yeon, the daughter of a minor nobleman who is sent off to work as a concubine at the imperial palace. Several years later, the king dies under mysterious circumstances, and Hwa-Yeon's position at the palace becomes unstable; she attempts to take advantage of Prince Sung Won (Kim Dong Wook)'s obvious lust for her, a scheme that puts her at odds with his controlling mother played by Park Ji Young. And the return of Kwon Yoo (Kim Min Joon), a commoner Hwa-Yeon loved many years ago, isn't helping things...the names may be hard to keep straight, but you won't have any trouble keeping hard with four sexy scenes of softcore pounding featuring extensive, well-lit T&A from star Yeo-Jeong. The Concubine will have you handling your crown jewels. The best of her skin-ful scenes are arguably the ones where we get to see her perfect heart-shaped ass as she walks to bed, then plenty of bouncing boobage as she humps then stabs her guy. Not a bad way to go! A bit later, you can see more tantalizing tits and ass as Yeo-Jeong attempts to crawl away from her handsy man. Her jiggly jugs come out to play again as she gets pounded in different positions. This is the type of concubine every flesh fiend would die for! You will have little problem popping a tent in your pants while watching this flick!