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The Carnivores

The Carnivores (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Carnivores (2020) is a drama about a dying dog that is the center of a couple's life. Alice and Bret's dog Harvey used to bring the entire place joy, but now things have gotten twisted. When these vegetarian lesbians lose their dog, one of them goes looking alone and does not come back. The other one becomes obsessed with meat while her partner is away, looking at pictures of meat and thinking about it endlessly. When her lover returns, everything about their home life has changed. Lindsay Burdge plays Bret and Tallie Medel plays Alice. The two of them have a number of hot lesbian sex scenes that will make you feel ravaged with lust. Lindsay and Tallie make out with each other on either side of a shower glass door. The glass is in between as these two naked babes smash their lips upon the glass. How sexy is that! In another scene, Tallie is on the phone as she masturbates. We don't actually get to see her fingers in motion, but we do get to see what she is fantasizing about: taking a shower WITH Lindsay's character. There is one more shower scene. There are chunks of ground beef on the girls - you'd have to watch the movie to really understand why - when they stand in the shower and let water drip down their naked bodies. They tenderly touch one another and have a hot lesbian embrace. We even see Lindsay Burdge's right boob when her arm lifts up. These Carnivores will tenderize your meat!