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The Canyons

The Canyons (2013)

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It might be known as the movie where Lin-Lo shows her cans, but The Canyons (2013) is so much more! Written by famed author Bret Easton Ellis and directed by the man behind American Gigolo (1980), Paul Schrader, there were all sorts of smart people behind this Kickstarter funded erotic thriller. In the film, a trust-fund kid who likes to finance horror movies named Christian (James Deen) loses his cool after discovering evidence that his actress girlfriend Tara (Lindsay Lohan) is back to banging her old actor boyfriend Ryan (Nolan Funk), who Christian was planning to put in his newest movie. Infuriated despite being a proud serial cheater himself, Ryan's girlfriend Gina (Amanda Brooks) decides she has to do whatever she can to make sure Christian keeps Ryan in the movie, as everyone involved plays a dangerous but scarily sexy game. That's the basic plot, but between the casting of real-life porn star James Deen and Lindsay Lohan's erratic behavior on set, the real drama in The Canyons went on behind the scenes. But even if all the bright minds involved in making the flick, including Gus Van Sant who plays a therapist, couldn't combine to make a movie critics didn't despise, The Canyons is certainly watchable thanks to all the nudity. We get bush, tush and tatas from Tenille Houston while getting some of that famous James Deen peen, while Lily Labeau gave us le boner by flashing all three B's during a dirty threesome. But everyone's watching The Canyons to see Lindsay's mounds, and that mean set of girls don't disappoint! Those famously freckled funbags come out to play while Lindsay is lounging on the couch and washing her hair in the shower, but when she's in the midst of the threesome we get to see the ass and infamous firecrotch, too! With all that ginger action, consider Mr. Skin a fan-yon of The Canyons