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The Cabining

The Cabining (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Cabining (2014) takes an age old premise and tries to breathe new life into it. Todd and Bruce are a screenwriting team who can’t get a break. When Todd’s well off uncle tells them he will finance a horror movie they write if they create a great a script within 2 weeks they jump at the chance. The guys pack up and head for an artist’s retreat known as Shangri-La. At first things are great, but soon the other artists are dying off and the guys find themselves fighting for their lives.

Elle Sunkara leads the skin parade when the guys imagine how the opening scene of their script should be. We see Elle playing strip poker then she takes her man into a bedroom and finds herself topless and in her panties. Angela Relucio and Melissa Sefrani both find themselves in their bra and panties in different scenes. You’ll be handling your meat machete when the killer takes out Melissa, but does so in a manner that lets us get a great look at her ass in her underwear. Angela finds herself taking a couple of different walks around the house wearing next to nothing.