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The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation (2006)

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Tom Long is Daniel, a modern dancer dealing with some serious trauma in the artsy erotic thriller The Book of Revelation (2006). In an episode right out of Too Close for Comfort, Daniel is abducted by three masked women, taken to a warehouse, and ravaged repeatedly with a dildo before being dumped on the street. After this traumatic experience, Daniel’s dancing days, as well as his relationship with his girlfriend, the fellow dancer Bridget (Anna Torv), are pretty much over. But Daniel has a plan to get his life back. He might not have seen their faces, but Daniel remembers all his tormentor's bodies and voices. So, he decides he can infiltrate the area's hottest women and see if he can find one of the ladies who were so cruel to him. Will his quest for vengeance do more harm than good or is Daniel about to track down one of his tormentors and deliver some revenge of biblical proportions? There are all sorts of interpretations of this flick, but the most common one is that it's a classic sexual assault revenge flick, only with the genders reversed. Luckily for us, there are some very revealing shots of our kidnappers in The Book of Revelation that allow us to goo to the ole switcheroo. In what has to be the least torturous torture scene in film history, Zoe Naylor strips down and forces Daniel to beat his dick off while she plays with her kitty. We did the same while watching it, but she didn't make us. We just couldn't stop thinking about nailing Miss Naylor! In another scene, she flips him over and straps on a monster dong. While we get to see her naked again, it's not as much fun. Another one of the criminals we see in their birthday suit is Odette Joannidis, who strips naked and cuddles with Daniel. There's a great shot of her ass, that shows the massive birthmark Daniel will forever be hunting down. Here's hoping those girls with the great tits don't escape justice. Ignore the awful stuff and revel in the naked women in The Book of Revelation!