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The Beautiful Person

The Beautiful Person (2008)

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Gorgeous Lea Seydoux has a whole school under her spell in The Beautiful Person (2010). When Junie (Lea Seydoux)’s mother unexpectedly dies, she moves in with her cousin Mathias (Esteban Carvajal-Alegria), causing her to change high school mid-year. Mathias introduces her to his friends, who are all instantly smitten with her- as is seemingly every horny boy in their high school. But Junie chooses only one, the shy and awkward Otto (Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet), who is completely head over heels for her. Complicating the situation is playboy Nemours (Louis Garrel), who also happens to be Junie’s Italian teacher. Like everyone else around her, he falls for Junie’s charisma and beauty and aggressively pursues the teenage girl. The three form a love triangle, with Otto and Nemours competing for the elusive and reserved Junie's affection. Sounds like a recipe for disaster? It is. Lea Seydoux lives up to the title of The Beautiful Person with her classic French features, long black hair, and aloof charisma recalling French New Wave chanteuse Anna Karina. We get a beautiful peek at Lea’s love muffins when she stands impassively, coat and shirt unbuttoned, in a park, allowing her suitor to part her clothes and see her remarkable rack. C'est magnifique! Any flesh fiend should already be aware that some of the best and hottest skin-ful actresses on the planet herald from France. Not only did the French invent cinema as we know it, but they also seem to have a firm grasp on what makes male viewers want to firmly grasp their schlongs!