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The Bachelorette (2003-2022)

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ABC's ultra long running reality dating show The Bachelor just might represent every man's dream: a lineup of young, tight bodied, super sexy women competing to date you are doing whatever it takes to capture and maintain your attention so they can win the whole thing. The Bachelorette swaps genders and in doing so creates a nightmare scenario (or a dating app scenario, if we're being honest) for the fellas. Now, you're just one of a bunch of swinging dicks doing anything they can to try and be the one dude some dame will do dirty stuff with. Given that setup, of course women of all ages, races, classes and tightness of asses absolutely love The Bachelorette. A date night staple for plenty of couples, the show debuted in 2003 and shows no signs of stopping over two decades later. Essentially, about 25 fellas get all suited up, flex, brag, and do whatever else they can think of to receive a rose at the end of the episode, which means they're sticking around for more dates while those bros without a rose get sent home. After weeks of fantastical romance novel quality dates, nearly every season ends with the big question about popping the question: will the season end in a proposal? The show has always kept things PG-13, so there's very rarely anything all that revealing. But at one point in the 2019 season, Hannah Brown stands in a short, black silk robe that shows off her thighs. The wind blows up and we see some smooth bush! We'd put a ring on that wardrobe malfunction! The only thing hotter than that gust of wind was when Gabby Windey, Season 19's contestant back in 2022 didn't realize her blazer wasn't covering her boob while out on a date. That Bachelorette's got a great set! Throw in a bikini covered bit of downblouse while her man lifts her in the pool, and you'll be popping a Bachelorection watching The Bachelorette!