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The Argument

The Argument (1999)

Brief Nudity


Originally shot in the 70s, this film only came out in 1999 following the director’s suicide when a friend edited the film for him. The film doesn’t follow a linear narrative, but instead works like the rest of the films in the director, Donald Cammell’s, body of work, which place images side by side to create a much more intense and obscure effect for the audience. Most of the scenes go by in quick flashes, so that a lot of content gets sorted through for the mind to consider in a short amount of time.

Myriam S. Gibril plays the barely clothed, ethnically dressed woman on a mountaintop. She has a large beaded necklace obscuring her jugs, and a little bit of a belt blocking her muff, but for the most part, all her desirable parts are available for our eyes to behold. In one scene, as she faces the canyon and yells out, a clear shot of her but comes into view. She looks great – no argument about that!