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The Absent

The Absent (2011)

No Nudity


Yvonne Zima (0:18) Yvonne Zima is sitting on her bed in little green sleeping shorts listening to music with her legs arched. Then a guy comes over and gets into bed with her.   (0:20) Jamielyn Kane and Vanessa Zima are in bed together and we see them starting to make out with one another until they get interrupted by a phone call from Yvonne Zima who is sitting up in her bed in her green sleeping shorts. (0:31) A guy strips Yvonne Zima down to her black panties. Then she takes off her shirt revealing her black bra. Jamielyn Kane (0:23) Brief look up Jamielyn Kane's skirt after calling another a "slut" and we briefly see a panty flash.   (0:39) We see Jamielyn Kane from behind take off her top. Only very minor right side boob from a medium distance. Then the killer watches her strip down to her panties through a window. She walks around her room for a bit and then gets a phone call from Vanessa Zima who is with a guy in a bedroom and in the second shot her top is unzipped exposing her black bra. They continue to talk on the phone when the killer muffles Kane and stabs her while she is still in her panties.   Kelly B. Eviston (1:09) The killer stabs Kelly B. Eviston right in the middle of her chest. As she falls to the ground, a good portion of her left breast is sticking out of her shirt, covered in blood. The killer goes to the bathroom to wash up and after he leaves, a cop comes in to see her on the ground bleeding. As he kneels next to her, her left breast is seemingly most of the way out, with the nipple likely covered in blood. _______________________________________________