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Teddy (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Way out in rural France, right around the Pyrénées mountains, there is no shortage of folklore dating back to the olden days of Europe.  For wayward twenty-something Teddy (Anthony Bajon), he splits his time between shower sex with his girlfriend, Rebecca (Christine Gautier), eating mushrooms and getting drunk, hanging out in his foster home he's been stuck at for years, and working as a amateur masseuse and mop boy at a massage parlor.  Teddy's life seems pretty well mapped out and he doesn't really have the ambition to be more than a notch above a burnout in the eyes of their small town.  Then one day, Teddy gets scratched in the woods by a mysterious beast that looks a bit like a wolf and his life gets turned upside down.  He starts to get hair in weird places, he becomes hyper sexual in not so normal ways, and the town's sheep/goat population begin to get mysteriously shredded to death and eaten by something lurking in the woods!  Even Teddy starts to pick up on the advances of his boss, the busty Ghislaine (Noémie Lvovsky), who has always had an eye on the young hunk she has kept around.  As all this is happening too, Teddy keeps waking up naked with the taste of blood in his mouth and has to wander back home to clean up.  When his boss turns up dead on a massage table with her tongue eaten out, things certainly don't look good for his future as he isn't just the town "burnout" now, he's the town werewolf!  Christina Gautier makes a memorable full frontal Nude-Comer debut in this indie French creature feature and his boss, the always sexy Noémie Lvovsky shows her cleavage every time she hits the screen!