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Top Ten Topless Scenes From Pre-2000 Sci-Fi Movies Screen shot 2018 07 09 at 2 12 32 pm a8eac152 featured

Nowadays, sci-fi and skin go hand in hand, but it wasn't always that way. Sci-fi fans almost always had to look for nudity in the films of their cousin genre, horror. But if you ask us, the best nude scenes in sci-fi cinema all happened before the year 2000. Here's a look at our Top 10 Topless Scenes from Pre-2000 Sci-Fi Movies!... read more

Foreign Film Friday: The Untamed Simone bucio e4e1b1 infobox 8b1ffef6 featured

Beautiful naked women meet a tentacle creature from space and sexiness ensues. ... read more

NASA Discovered 7 New Habitable Planets, We Discovered Sexy Naked Space Babes Henstridge species hd n 04 infobox 9b851a98 featured

Sexy aliens - they're a thing. ... read more

"Ward, I'm Worried About the Beaver" Maitland ward photo 01 7f040a66 featured

When yours truly uncovered a former teen soap opera actress in his recent ‘Chocolate Decadence’ blog post, a reader wrote in to say: “@CELEBRITY SLEUTH Like seriously you should do an article on the hotness of Maitland Ward.” Two other commenters quickly joined the chorus … and we read you loud and clear!... read more

Top 10 Sci-Fi TV Stars Gone Nude

Katee Sackhoff's nude debut in Riddick (2013) is out on Blu-ray this week, but she's not the only Sci-Fi TV Star to do an out of this world nude scene. Eliza Dushku, Morena Baccarin, and Gillian Anderson have all shown unexpected skin outside of the boob tube shows that made them famous. Get ready for blast off, because here come the Top 10 Sci-Fi TV Stars Gone Nude!... read more

Top 10 Naked Aliens

The women of earth are wondrous, but it takes a foxy extraterrestrial to really put you in the mood for probing! Blast off into some alien experimentation with Mathilda May, Natasha Henstridge, and the rest of the sexy space beings on our Top 10 Naked Aliens. Houston, we have a boner!... read more

May the Fourth Be With You! Enjoy a Free Sci-Fi Playlist! 13372 web

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You! Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Princess Leia became fap material for fanboys everywhere thanks to an iconic metal bikini. But Star Wars isn't exactly stacked with female characters stripping down, so why not celebrate with a sexy collection of sci-fi chicks that are not nearly as skingy! Head on over to our FREE Sexy Sci-fi Chicks Playlist, and you’ll be going Hand Solo!... read more

ApocaTITs Now: Ring in 2012 with Skin Central's Post-Apocalyptic Pin-Ups [PICS] 10451 web

Happy nude year, everybody- only 354 days until the end of the world as we know it!

Skin Central isn't worried about the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. In fact, we're kind of looking forward to life in the post-apocalyptic wastelands.
Why? Because movies have taught us that even if civilization comes to a halt, babes will still take off their clothes. If anything, they'll be nuder (like the topless roller-derby cult of Roller Blade, left) than ever before. 2012! We believe!
More after the jump!... read more

Check out the Rootin' Tootin' Rumps, Racks and Rugs of Mr. Skin's Cowgirls & Femaliens Playlist [PICS] 9377 web

Cowboys & Aliens' Olivia Wilde may be a tease, but never you fear, pardners- Mr. Skin knows a few pokable cowpokes and anatomically correct aliens who aren't afraid to drop their bloomers and bare some out-of-this-world nudity. Wow, how mixed was that metaphor? About as mixed as the 23 movies we've compiled into our brand-spanking nude Cowgirls & Femaliens playlist! We've got some great nudes from the Old West and deep space alike, and we're giving you a sneak peek after the jump!

Set your phasers to "stunning" with Natasha Henstridge, Salma Hayek and more nude after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Hottest Robot Babes

They're programmed for lust and they've got heavenly botties: they're hot stars who have played robots and cyborgs on screen. Mr. Skin counts down the top ten most beautiful borgs, from angelic Playmate Dorothy Stratten in Galaxina to randy replicant Sean Young in Blade Runner. They'll give you a hard drive!... read more

The Girl Who Kicked the Horny Nest: DVD Roundup 1-25-11 7840 featured

Nude on DVD this week, we have a collection of horror, fantasy and thriller flicks to please skin-fans who like to walk on the wild side.
From the muff-diving heroine of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest to the splatter of Saw: The Final Chapter to the skin-filled psychedelia of Enter the Void, it's a week of surprises and sweater-stuffers.

SAW: The Final Chapter

SAW: The Final Chapter AKA SAW 3D is the seventh installment in the horror franchise that turned us all into stiffs with full frontal nudity from Debra McCabe in Saw III, but hasn't shown so much as a bloody boob since then. This movie features the bloody end of franchise star and Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famer Betsy Russell, who’s shown skin in classic 80s movies likePrivate School, where she flashed boobs, butt, and bush at a lucky peeping tom. I thought I SAW a pussy cat!
Enter the Void
Directed by controversial Irreversible director Gaspar Noé, the psychedelic supernatural sci-fi flick Enter the Void tells the story of an American drug dealer killed by police in Tokyo who becomes a ghost to watch over his damaged sister (Paz de la Huerta). Along with tons of trippy computer-generated special effects, we also get to see plenty of Paz's boobs, butt, and bush as she dances in clubs, makes out with a Japanese girl in a bathroom, and gets an abortion. If you like it raw, then don't avoid Enter the Void.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Nude on DVD, nakedly naughty Noomi Rapace returns as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. But if you're looking for the same level of nudity we've come to expect from Noomi in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire, prepare to get stung by this hornet's nest. The third film in the Millenium trilogy is last and least, when it comes to nudity from Noomi. An hour and 39 minutes in, there's a flashback with a flash of back-side. And two hours and 20 minutes in, we get another all-too-brief glimpse of the Rapace rump in the tub and that's it. Come on Noomi, how about showing those Swedish meatballs?... read more

Naked Babes make Heroes, Lost Most Pirated Shows of 2010 7792 featured

NBC's Heroes and ABC's Lost, two sci-fi dramas that ended their runs in 2010, are the TV shows with the most illegal downloads in 2010, according to TorrentFreak.com.
Lost went off the air after wrapping up its sprawling, enigmatic storyline while Heroes was cancelled due to poor ratings. Ironically, Heroes, like the third most-pirated show, Showtime's skin-filled crime drama Dexter, was downloaded by more people who watched it according to the Nielsen ratings. If NBC had been counting illegal downloads instead of legitimate TV viewers, Heroes may still be on the air.
But the question of why so many people downloaded episodes of Heroes and Lost is easy to answer with one look at MrSkin.com.
Heroes boasted some of the hottest babes of the 2000's, like twice-nude Ali Larter and sexy but sadly skinless Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere. Lost had more island-stranded beauties than plot twists, including Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace, Yoon-jin Kim, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sonya Walger, and Bai Ling.
But why bother with an illegal download when you can see every one of these actresses nude or sexy at MrSkin.com without risking prosecution by the FBI?... read more

The Naked Women of Tron 7777 featured

Dominating the box office this weekend was Disney's high-powered sci-fi sequel TRON: Legacy.
Despite the utter lack of nudity, the movie managed to rake in $43.6 million. That'll buy you a lot of light cycles!
But while TRON may have been non-nude, some of the babes you see in their skin-tight light-up suits have been seen wearing a lot less in other movies.
Star Olivia Wilde—whose chosen last name is just as appropriate as the name she was born with, "Cockburn"—famously flashed her funbags in the 2006 flick Alpha Dog.
Beau Garrett didn't strip as the leader of the butt-kicking babes known as the Sirens. But Ms. Garrett wasn't afraid to bare it in 2006'sTuristas (where she also costarred with Olivia Wilde).
Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Yaya DaCosta played one of the Sirens under Beau's command. But in the romantic comedy The Kids Are All Right, Yaya showed that her tits are all right when she showed T&A with Mark Ruffalo.
Finally, Cindy Morgan wasn't in TRON: Legacy, but she was in the 1982 original. And two years before that, Cindy showed skindy in the 1980 comedy classic Caddyshack.
Retro rackage anyone?... read more

New in Theaters: No "T" in TRON: Legacy

With big-budget kids' movies like Yogi Bear and TRON: Legacy and the skinless romantic comedy How Do You Know? dominating theaters this pre-holiday weekend, it’s a perfect time to stay home with your DVD player and check out the stars in some of their less constrictive roles.
Uploading into theaters this weekend, Olivia Wilde costars in Disney's special effects extravaganza TRON: Legacy. Olivia Wilde doesn't take off her glowing outfit in TRON:, so if you want to see her nude, skip the crowds this weekend and stay home with a DVD of the 2006 skinstant classic Alpha Dog, where Ms. Wilde shows off her eye-popping rackage an hour and 45 minutes in. That will put a light cycle in your pants.
Also in theaters this weekend, it's the new romantic comedy How Do You Know? for all the moviegoers who are too old for TRON. Unfortunately, it may not have the same special effects as those TRON, but it has the same amount of nudity—none. The movie stars Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Reese Witherspoon in a story about a love triangle that will quickly lose the interest of anyone looking to see Reese's witherpoon.
So go pick up the 1998 vampire-free crime flick Twilight where just two minutes in, Reese's pieces are on full display as she toplessly bangs her boyfriend in bed, and then again a minute later. How do you know when it's a good movie? Check your pants!... read more

This Week's T&A on DVD: Big Bad MAMS! 7752 web

No new movies with nudity out on video this week, but it's hard to feel bad about it when so many skintastic cult classics getting much-needed re-releases. And if you've got a passion for "mamas", this is your week!

Big Bad Mama/Big Bad Mama II
Brassy '70s sex bomb Angie Dickinson is the mamtastic matriarch of a Depression-era bootlegging family. And the family that commits crimes together strips together, and as Angie and her bad girl daughters Robbie Lee and Susan Sennett are big, bad, and bare in Big Bad Mama (1974). Angie returns, guns blazing, in Big Bad Mama II (1987), but she uses a body double for her nude scenes. But it's not like mother, like daughters here, since her onscreen progeny Julie McCullough and All in the Family cutie Danielle Brisebois strip down and get criminally bare.

Lady in Red/Crazy Mama
Two Roger Corman cult classics get a box set reissue with The Lady in Red (1979) and another "mama", Crazy Mama (1975). The former has the colossal bazooms of Russ Meyer staple Kitten Natividad and TV's Nancy Drew, Pamela Sue Martin, who turns us all into HARDy boys with her naked boobs. And Crazy Mama has some bare buttage thanks to Linda Purl, as well as a rare nip slip from Dancing with the Stars alum Cloris Leachman. Take off the red, lady, and show us those crazy mams!

Videodrome (Blu-ray)
Blondie's Debbie Harry takes her sultriness off the stage and onto the screen in David Cronenberg's beloved sci-fi freakout Videodrome (1983). You'll experience "Rapture" when Deb doffs her top to show off some pink nippage getting kinky with James Woods. The Tide is High, and you will be, too. In your shorts.... read more

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