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Movie Nudity Report: Cloud Atlas, Pusher 12263 web

We've got a couple of nude picks for you this week in theaters: First, Korean act-chest Doona Bae makes her leap into the Hollywood mainstream with a topless role in Cloud Atlas (2012)--Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famers Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon also star in multiple roles, but they don't get naked, so whatever.

Also nude in theaters this week, super skinny model type Agyness Deyn (above) makes her onscreen nude debut in the hyper-stylized English-language remake of Pusher (2012). Agyness plays a smack-addled pole dancer in the movie, but we'd still push it. Push it real good...

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Movie Nudity Report: Bachelorette, Hello I Must be Going [VIDEO] 11976 web

This weekend the non-nude Bachelorette (2012) opens in theaters starring Nudity Hall-of-Famers Lizzy Caplan and Kirsten Dunst, but if you want some actual skin, there's only one option this weekend: Heavenly Creatures' Melanie Lynskey (seen above in 2006's Park) in the indie comedy Hello I Must Be Going (2012) (limited). And if busty brunettes aren't your bag, you could always go see Lawless (2012) again...

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Movie Nudity Report: Lawless, Little Birds [VIDEO] 11955 web

Would you rather see Jessica Chastain or Juno Temple topless this weekend? If you can find a theater that's playing both John Hillicoat's bootlegging drama Lawless (2012) and Little Birds (2011), starring Kay Panabaker and Juno Temple as a latter-day Thelma & Louise, then you won't have to decide. We're not encouraging you to buy one ticket and sneak into both, though. That would be wrong.

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Movie Nudity Report: Total Recall, 360, The Babymakers 11836 web

Surely you already know about Kaitlyn Leeb and her triple-breasted prosthetic in Total Recall (2012). (If you don't, just scroll down and read all about it here on the Mr. Skin blog.) But if big-budget sci-fi movies aren't your thing, or if you just can't bear to see Recall without Ah-nold, never fear--we've got two other nude options for you in theaters this weekend:
First, the Rachel Weisz thriller 360 (2012) limps into limited release this weekend after a contentious festival run. From the director of cult favorite City of God (2002), 360 is "a moving and exciting dramatic thriller that dazzlingly weaves together the stories of an array of people from disparate social backgrounds through their intersecting relationships." Sounds like a head scratcher, but you'll be feeling a twitch somewhere else when Euro-babes Tereza Srbova and Lucia Siposova let their lactoids out for a photo shoot.
And it's been getting terrible reviews, but if you're jonesing for more Olivia Munn her followup to Magic Mike, the sperm bank comedy The Babymakers (2012), also hits theaters this weekend. Sadly, Olivia keeps her baby-feeders covered in this R-rated romp, but Nicole Moore busts hers out 19 minutes in.

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See the First Pics of Olivia Munn Topless in Magic Mike 11616 web

After a record-breaking box office weekend where Ted (2012) shattered the record set by The Hangover (2009) for the best opening for an original R-rated comedy ever and Magic Mike (2012) moonwalked its way into a tidy $41 million (not bad for a movie with a $7 million budget), we here at Skin Central can draw only one conclusion: PG-13 is passe. Long live the hard R!
Speaking of hard, box office reports are interesting and all, but if that's what you wanted you would have subscribed to Variety, right? So without further aboob, gentlemen, we proudly present, courtesy of an anonymous camera-toting movie-goer, the first pictures of Olivia Munn's topless scene in Magic Mike.
Now you don't have to risk that lady from your mom's book club seeing you going into the 10:50 screening of Magic Mike by yourself (or, God forbid, running into your mom and her book club buddies at Magic Mike). You're welcome.

Breaking Nudes: Olivia Munn Makes Her Nude Debut in Magic Mike 11595 web

Think Magic Mike (2012) isn't for you? Think again.

The male-stripper comedy is being marketed as a "girls' night out" flick packed with shirtless dudes...and it is. But our Skin Skout saw a preview screening of the movie last night, and he reports that Olivia Munn also throws guys a bone by making her onscreen nude debut. Olivia bares boobs one minute in to the movie as she gets out of bed the morning after a threesome. And if that's not enough for you, how about topless scenes from babely blondes Mircea Monroe and Riley Keough?
Magic Mike opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, but if you still can't stomach all that beefcake, we'll show you the breast parts here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Bel Ami, The Loved Ones [PICS] 11510 web

Everybody's lining up to see Prometheus this weekend (and we've got stars Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace nude here at MrSkin.com), but if sci-fi space adventures aren't your thing, how about some out-of-this world nudity on the big screen?

We've got two nude movies in limited release this weekend- Bel Ami and The Loved Ones- and you can get the details after the jump!... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Piranha 3DD 11449 web

Piranha 3DD hits theaters and VOD today, and there's just one question on Skin Central (and undoubtedly everyone else's) mind: Does it deliver?

"We wanted to double everything," screenwriter Marcus Dunstan told Yahoo! news earlier this week. "If the first one had laughs, we wanted to double the laughs. If the first one had violence, we wanted to double the violence. If the first one had offensive elements, well, actually, we wanted to triple the offensive elements. That was always the DNA of this movie."

So does that DNA include T&A?
Our Skin Skout saw a screening of the movie last night, and the answer is a qualified "Yes, but..."

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Movie Nudity Report: The Cabin in the Woods, Detention 11201 web

It's been a while since we had TWO movies nude in theaters to tell you about! Hollywood is hoping to capitalize on the Friday the 13th "holiday" by releasing two scary movies: The Cabin in the Woods, opening in wide release, and Detention, opening in select cities.
Both movies put their own unique twists on the slasher movies of their directors' youth, while still remaining true to the genre's most titillating convention with nude scenes from Anna Hutchison (above) in Cabin and Brooke Haven and Shanley Caswell('s body double) in Detention. As The Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard told New York Magazine's Vulture blog:
"[Nudity is] crucial to that part of the genre, and we felt we had to honor the genre."
Getting naked on film: it's the respectful thing to do.
Find out more about The Cabin in the Woods and Detention after the jump!... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Project X 10858 web

The new teen comedy Project X is being slammed by critics for being lewd, crude, and more concerned with showing snookers than character development...sounds perfect for Mr. Skin!

Our Skin Skout saw an advance screening of the movie earlier this week, and confirms that producer Todd Phillips did remember to put bare skin on the guest list.

We see a buffet of barely-legal boobage throughout the film as the female party guests go topless in a swimming pool and an inflatable playhouse. Bouncy, bouncy!

And for all you Percy Jackson & The Olympians fans out there (all four of you), Percy Jackson co-star Alexis Knapp makes her nude debut when she takes off her shirt making out with a guy at the 56-minute mark.

You bring the boobs, ladies, and we'll bring the lube.

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Mr. Skin's Nude Movie Report: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 10350 web

The American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opens in theaters tonight at midnight, and while you're probably not surprised to hear star Rooney Mara makes her nude debut (duh, she's topless on the poster), thanks to our Skin Skout we're gonna get all Lisbeth on you and dig in to the dirty details. But don't worry, we aren't going to hack your laptop...God knows what we'd find on there!
Rooney's nudes begin on a decidedly unpleasant note as she bares butt 54 minutes in. Then 4 minutes later, we see her pierced boobs for the first time, as well as her bruised cheeks, as she washes herself off afterwards. They did say it was going to be "The Feel-Bad Movie of Christmas"...
Luckily, the rest of the movie's nudity is in a consensual context, with Rooney showing snookers to a lez-be-friend she picks up at a nightclub 1 hour, 16 minutes in, then going AC/DC by baring boobs, butt and strawberry blonde bush in the sack with Daniel Craig 1 hour, 39 minutes and 2 hours, 14 minutes in.
Want a sneak peek of Rooney's boobies? You'll be The Guy with the Raging Hard-On when you see our The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo page right here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Mr. Skin's Nude Movie Report: Maria Bello in Beautiful Boy 8992 web

We saw her snookers earlier this week in The Company Men (2010), nude on DVD and Blu-Ray, and this weekend Maria Bello's full moons will light up the silver screen once again. Maria stars in Beautiful Boy, which opens in limited release this weekend.

Beautiful Boy is kind of a bummer- Maria and Michael Sheen play the parents of a college student who snaps and commits a mass shooting on his campus before killing himself- but at the 58 minute mark we get sweet, sweet relief in the form of Maria's beautiful twins. They're not exposed for their entire sex scene (stupid Michael Sheen blocks our view for most of it), but afterwards, at the 1 hour mark, we get a nice, lingering look at Maria's mams.

Beautiful Boy is Maria Bello's ninth career nude role- check out her other eight right here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Un-nude: Theater Roundup 2-18-11 7904 featured

This weekend in theaters, the new superhero flick I Am Number Four, the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown, and the supernatural spookfest Vanishing on Seventh Street offer up a combined total of no boobs, zero butts, and bupkus bush. But Mr. Skin can still tell you where to see the stars strip.
I Am Number Four
Glee babe Dianna Agron doesn't make her nude debut in the teenage superhero sci-fi flick I Am Number Four and neither does her co-star, Aussie babe Teresa Palmer. And the closest thing that Emily Wickersham, who also appears, has ever done to nudity is her underwear-clad performance as AJ's girlfriend on The Sopranos. the only actress in this movie who's ever stripped on screen is racktastic redhead Judith Hoag, who once flashed flesh on an episode of Carnivàle. This movie is number four on a list of the top three films to see this weekend.
Also new in theaters this weekend, Inglorious Basterds beauty Diane Kruger and Mad Men's January Jones join Liam Neesen in Unknown. What's not unknown is the nudity content of this movie. It's a solid zero. So if you're jonesing for January, fast forward to the 37-minute mark of 2006's The Three Burials of Melquaides Estrada to see her slip her left nip. And if your luger wants some Kruger, check out the 2004 epic Troy, where she shows her Hellenic hoots and heinie 15 minutes in. This weekend, skip Unknown and get yourself a fun-bone!
Vanishing on Seventh Street
Out in select theaters this weekend, Brit babe Thandie Newton's clothes aren't vanishing as she co-stars in the new supernatural thriller Vanishing on Seventh Street, a supernatural thriller that has most of Detroit's population mysteriously disappearing after a blackout. It's no mystery why you'd want to disappear from Detroit, but I'm still puzzling over what happened to Thandie's desire to strip on screen. If you want to see Thandie bust out her big Newtons, check out her awesome full frontal and backal scene two hours and 28 minutes into the 1998 epic Beloved. Take a detour from Seventh Street and visit the intersection of Bush Avenue and Booby Boulevard.... read more

Nude in Theaters: Natalie Portman Flashes Ass in No Strings Attached 7835 featured

What's new and nude in theaters this weekend? Mr. Skin brings you the naked scoop(s).

No Strings Attached
Natalie Portman co-stars with Ashton Kusher in the romantic comedy No Strings Attached. At the 32-minute mark, her pants come unattached as she changing clothes and we get a quick look at Natalie's rear port, man.

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New in Theaters: No "T" in TRON: Legacy

With big-budget kids' movies like Yogi Bear and TRON: Legacy and the skinless romantic comedy How Do You Know? dominating theaters this pre-holiday weekend, it’s a perfect time to stay home with your DVD player and check out the stars in some of their less constrictive roles.
Uploading into theaters this weekend, Olivia Wilde costars in Disney's special effects extravaganza TRON: Legacy. Olivia Wilde doesn't take off her glowing outfit in TRON:, so if you want to see her nude, skip the crowds this weekend and stay home with a DVD of the 2006 skinstant classic Alpha Dog, where Ms. Wilde shows off her eye-popping rackage an hour and 45 minutes in. That will put a light cycle in your pants.
Also in theaters this weekend, it's the new romantic comedy How Do You Know? for all the moviegoers who are too old for TRON. Unfortunately, it may not have the same special effects as those TRON, but it has the same amount of nudity—none. The movie stars Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Reese Witherspoon in a story about a love triangle that will quickly lose the interest of anyone looking to see Reese's witherpoon.
So go pick up the 1998 vampire-free crime flick Twilight where just two minutes in, Reese's pieces are on full display as she toplessly bangs her boyfriend in bed, and then again a minute later. How do you know when it's a good movie? Check your pants!... read more

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