Piranha 3DD hits theaters and VOD today, and there's just one question on Skin Central (and undoubtedly everyone else's) mind: Does it deliver?

"We wanted to double everything," screenwriter Marcus Dunstan told Yahoo! news earlier this week. "If the first one had laughs, we wanted to double the laughs. If the first one had violence, we wanted to double the violence. If the first one had offensive elements, well, actually, we wanted to triple the offensive elements. That was always the DNA of this movie."

So does that DNA include T&A? Our Skin Skout saw a screening of the movie last night, and the answer is a qualified "Yes, but..."


Yes, there's a veritable buffet of boobage on display at the Big Wet water park, including a commercial that shows a woman flashing the camera and a topless (and bottomless) "Adult Pool" where Irina Voronina goes full frontal along with several other girls caught on the "cooch cam". The "Adult Pool" shows up at the 8-, 18-, and 44-minute marks, baring breasts each time, before one more anonymous park-goer gets a motorboating from a decapitated head 1 hour in.

But, stars Danielle Panabaker, Meagan Tandy and Katrina Bowden are not among them, although Katrina delivers one of the best one-liners of the year, "Come inside me and I'll do whatever you say after that"...just before a piranha swims out of her tuna tunnel and chows down on her guy's dick. Ouch!

Bottom line, Piranha 3DD is packed with pneumatic extras, but doesn't quite reach the nude heights of Kelly Brook and Riley Steele's naked underwater ballet in Piranha 3D (2010). But for a night out at the boobies- er, movies- you can't do much better this weekend.