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Foreign Film Friday: The Dreamers Green the dreamers 741859 infobox 5867722b featured

You don't need to know a foreign language to understand Eva Green's impressive twins. ... read more

Sexy GIFs of French Actresses to Celebrate Bastille Day Ezgif com video to gif  9  d501dd87 web

Ooolala, look at these Bastille babes' boobs! ... read more

The Results Are In: See Who Won Mr. Skin's World Cups 2018! Daddario true detective 740166 infobox 80bd1eac featured

Hint: USA! USA! USA! ... read more

Danielle Darrieux ‘Deux’ : Those Nips, Those Eyes! Danielle darrieux  02 photo 05 12b55b65 featured

For those too young to remember, a 1980 romantic comedy—just the kind the just-deceased Danielle Darrieux (above) made famous a half century before—called Those Lips, Those Eyes (below left) charmed audiences and introduced Glynnis O’Connor to the world.... read more

Au Revoir Danielle Darrieux: 100+ Years, 100+ Films! Danielle darrieux  01 photo 01 492b1671 featured

“Danielle Darrieux, a luminous beauty of French cinema whose portrayals of wistful ingénues, romantic temptresses and tragic adulteresses spanned more than eight decades,” eulogized Sleuth’s hometown Washington Post in its half-page obituary, “died last week at her home in France. She was 100.” ... read more

Top Ten Paris Born Beauties Seydoux farewell hd n 03 infobox f1dfe3e4 featured

On this day in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was officially opened to the public, and remains the most popular tourist destination for people visiting the City of Lights. These ten ladies all share a Parisian birthplace, growing up in the shadow of the tower and now helping to erect an Eiffel Tower in your pants! Here are our Top 10 Paris Born Beauties!
... read more

Elles: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 9.11.12 [PICS] 11994 web

We've got a wide variety of wonderful women from around the world this week on DVD and Blu-ray, so unleash your Eiffel tower and prepare for an onslaught of les belles femmes nues...Kicking things off on Blu-ray, Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famer Juliette Binoche goes behind the scenes of a teen prostitution ring in Elles (2012). Then all roads lead to boners as the second season of Spartacus: Vengeance, featuring New Zealand's Lucy Lawless and Australia's Viva Bianca, hits DVD and Blu-ray, as does the Aussie slasher flick The Loved Ones (2009). And from over Hollywood way, Kate Winslet's unsinkable icebergs pop off the screen in the 3D Blu-ray of Titanic (1997).
Also nude on DVD, Synapse continues its Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection series with two nude titles, Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981) and Nympho Diver: G-String Festival (1981).
More after the jump!... read more

Bare Tails and Fairy Tales: Gemma Arterton to Play Gretel 7794 featured

To cast the female lead in Hansel and Gretel, an upcoming "dark action movie" based on the already pretty dark children's story of kidnapping and cannibalism, the producers sought out the hottest babes from all over the world, all of whom had done great nudity.
From France, they looked at Eva Green, who stripped in The Dreamers. From Sweden came Noomi Rapace, who nakedly lezzed out in both The Girl Who Played with Fire and Dasiy Diamond. From Germany there was Diane Kruger, whose T&A made her the perfect Helen of Troy. And from the UK they looked at Gemma Arterton, who finally got the role, maybe because they saw her naked partertons in The Disappearance of Alice Creed.
Based on the way they've been casting this movie Mr. Skin can only assume that the people behind Hansel and Gretel are looking to make some kind of skin-filled fantasy along the lines of Cinderella with blond B-movie babe Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith or Fairy Tales with naked scream queen Linnea Quigley.
But if that's the case, why not cast Eva, Noomi, and Diane as the three little pigs? Then Gemma can huff and puff and blow their clothes off.
Can you Hansel that?... read more

New at Mr. Skin: Bond Girl Eva Green Bares Rack in Cracks 7481 web

When Bernardo Bertolucci directed French tart Eva Green in her nude debut, the scintillating, skin-filled shocker The Dreamers (2003), he said, "She is so beautiful it's indecent." Beautiful and indecent are, in fact, the two words Mr. Skin would ascribe to this gorgeous Gallic gal with the plump rump, 100% natural, enormous breasts, and lap-rug so furry it puts most woodland animals to shame.

But since her horny, near-porny debut, Eva's kept her killer body under wraps--in Casino Royale, The Golden Compass, and every other one of her subsequent films.

Finally, the Skin team was able to locate a copy of the Brit drama Cracks (2009), and today, members can see Ms. Green's naked left pink-nipped knocker in a skinny dip scene from the flick. As an added bonus, (non-nude) Juno Temple joins her, so you can whet your appetite for her upcoming Kaboom nude debut.

Check out the brand new clips and pics from Cracks here and drop us a comment and let us know: is Eva Green the hottest babe to ever come out of France?... read more

Emma De Caunes, Famous French Starlet, Slips Nip in Public 4218 web

Ooh-La-Lickable! Emma De Caunes Causes a Stir Exposing Accidental Tit

Emma De Caunes, one of the contemporary skinema’s most gorgeous Gallic gals, knocked out admirers anew with a sumptuous nip-slip during a recent night on the town.

While Mr Skin worships Emma nude in movies such as Ma mere (2004), Princesses (2000), and Un frère (1997), there is nothing quite so sexciting as accidental nudity.

Merci, Emma! Now click the pic to see Emma De Caunes nude boob nip-slip.
... read more

Mr. Skin's Top 31 Naked Scream Queens: Brigitte Lahaie 2673 featured

Throughout the Month of October, Count Down the Sexiest Nude Horror Movie Hotties of All Time!

Number 23: Brigitte Lahaie

France, the country of love, has supplied the world with countless beauties whose power to erotically mesmerize might, in the right setting, be described as frightening.

Bewitching blonde Brigitte Lahaie is a perfect (in every way) example of such sensual sorcery. Just try not to fall under her spell in stylish fright films such as The Grapes of Death, Fascination, and The Night of the Hunted.

Surely so flawless a physique and so hypnotic an overpowering allure can only emanate from supernatural origins. Who can be sure? Let’s all just stare at scream queen Brigitte Lahaie naked and ponder the skinfinite possibilities. Click the pic for a full-frontal revelation of Brigitte's naturally flaxen roots.
... read more

Mr. Skin's Top 31 Naked Scream Queens: Mathilda May 2548 web

Throughout the Month of October, Count Down the Sexiest Nude Horror Movie Hotties of All Time!

Number 26: Mathilda May

Few scream queens can boast a more auspicious nude debut than French dish Mathilda May who burst onto the big screen bare boobs-butt-and-bush-first in terror maven Tobe Hooper’s 1985 space vampire opus, Lifeforce.

As the bloodsucking aliens’ eye-popping emissary to Earth -- named, simply, “Space Girl” -- Mathilda marches naked through her every moment in Lifeforce, paralyzing her victims with the sheer stupefying power of her sumptuous naked body before sinking her fangs into their most tender of areas.

Although Mathilda never returned to the fright genre after Lifeforce, her immediate impact still resonates in the annals of horror, and she will be forever hailed as one the most indelible sirens in all of frightdom.

Mathilda also went on to a brilliant career in the buff, busting out that mesmerizing naked physique 10 more times. Ready yourself for blast-off. Click the pic to see Mathilda May fully nude.
... read more

Jean Seberg Goes to Sexistential Heaven -- September 8, 1979 1750 web

Waifish and wonderfully pert-boobied Jean Seberg, who wowed the world in the French new-wave milestone Breathless, tragically took her own life on this date in 1979.

The Iowa native became a skinternational sex symbol after portraying an American student who harbors a cop killer in director Jean-Luc Godard’s existential 1960 classic. She then starred in multiple arthouse films – some hits, many obscurities, a few with nifty nude scenes -- over the next two decades.

Mirroring the radical tendencies of her signature role, Jean supported the Black Panther party, which led to heavy interference in her life from the FBI. The political brouhaha ignited a firestorm of personal troubles for Jean that included multiple divorces, a miscarriage, and several suicide attempts.

Sadly, Jean was found dead on September 8, 1979 in the back seat of her car, holding a note that read “Forgive me. I can no longer live with my nerves."

We forgive you Jean. And we honor you today for never failing to leave us Breathless.
... read more

Emmanuelle Director Just Jaeckin Is Born -- August 8, 1940 991 featured

Although much continues to be (rightly) made of Deep Throat and the 1970s hardcore era of “Porn Chic,” one can not overstate the simultaneous cultural impact made by the softer side of the X-rating.

With that in mind, Mr. Skin wishes the happiest of birthdays (and birthday suits) to French filmmaker Just Jaeckin, who revolutionized erotic cinema with the worldwide phenomenon Emmanuelle, and who went on to helm other steamy classics on the order of The Story of O, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and Gwendoline.

Just Jaeckin was born on this date in 1940.

Learn more, and see some of Just Jaeckin’s very breast efforts, after the jump.... read more

Scary Trend: No Toplessness at Topless Beaches 769 featured

St. Tropez Beachgoers Keeping Their Seashells Under Wraps

American beaches have a tradition of keeping their visitors' best parts covered in skimpy spandex. But are usually clothing-optional European sand-and-surf hot spots following suit by actually wearing swimsuits?

Get the full skinny on Eurobabes keeping their minis (or maxis) covered, plus a look at the beautiful sights French beachgoers are missing, after the cut.
... read more

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